When you work at home, is there really a sick day?

I think the answer in my case is a half no. I picked up some sort of cold on the trip up the Stamford last week, and last night and today were the “I feel sick” stage of the cold. Kim got me a fancy robe as an early Christmas present, so I’ve been enjoying it today.

I’m not much good for thinking — or “analyizing” — but I sure can buzz through a few thousand unread items in my feed reader. Of course I’m not reading all of them, hardly any. I’m just scanning for interesting things and mark-as-read’ing the rest.

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Is that an iPod in Your Wallet?

Yesterday, Kim and I were at the Austin Apple store looking for iPod cases. As I was looking at the leather ones, I realized I should get one that served as my wallet as well. Then I could I do away with my wallet (having to slim down what’s in it) and have just my iPod with a few credit cards, driver’s license, and some cash.

Finding this iPod case wallet is tough. So far, I’ve found two contenders (both from Acme Made), but they each only have 1-2 slots for credit cards and no “pouch” for cash.” Or, they’re for nanos.

The core problem is this: I have two pockets in my pants, but 4 things to carry:

  1. Wallet
  2. Keys
  3. Camera (my new SD 600!)
  4. iPod video

That’s quite a lot to put in jeans. The thing that screws it up is that I put my wallet in my front right pocket — I’ve got mild case of Costanza wallet.

Anyone have ideas?

Update: check this out!

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[DrunkAndRetired.com Podcast] Episode 76 – Micro-Modularity, Dressing like a Mac, plus: The Scotch and Soda Use Case

In this episode, on the way to the airport, Coté starts by telling the worst re-telling of a movie moment event, we sing several “work songs,” talk about test driven development and refactoring, and then sort out how to dress while you travel.

(This episode edited by Charles.)

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