[DrunkAndRetired.com Podcast] Episode 74 – What’s the deal with all those God damn languages?!

In this episode, Charles and Cote’ talk about: Ancient Greek Journalism, Haskel, Pete F, man-made elements, and “What’s the deal with all those God damn languages?!”

(This episode edited by Cote’)

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  1. Hi guys. It’s Pete F’s mother here. Mr F. and I would like to apologise for his posting all over your comments page.

    Pete is only 12, and we wish he would act like other 12 year olds instead of spending all his time on the internet pretending to be a fat, 40 year old computer programmer

    Charles, please do not take any business advice from Pete. His last enterprise was an attempt to raise capital for a fast food chain which would tap the latent market for uncooked cookie dough.

    Mrs F.

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