[DrunkAndRetired.com Podcast] Episode 72 – A Relaxation Vertical

In this mega-fun episode, Charles and Coté talk about documentation, JavaScript, an update on The Frontside, and then — whao! hey! — Kim and Silva do a podcast in a podcast on what’s going on up there in Ann Arbor. Then the usual two wrap up with widget and UI fantasies.

Look forward to a future Kim and Silva podcast…we hope.

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  1. re components:

    perhaps gravitas could include a browser pride parade, where browser pride=”we don’t have to do crappy imitations of desktop guis -we don’t need sucky widgets -we seamlessly mix content and application -we want amazon.com not battleship gray forms -swing and winforms will go the way of the vt100″

    which is why i like xaml so much (and worry about java’s lack of an equivalent) -i don’t see wpf/xaml as a widget markup language as much as an extensible browser

    -yes indeed, charles should have any level of control over the textbox that he wants -which is another way of saying gosh darn but don’t we need a browser implemented in (and thus extensible in), java

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