Coté! Zombies!

Zombie from Undead

In case you didn’t know, zombies are quite popular now-a-days. Why? I’m not really sure beyond the fact that they’re awesome.

This morning, while in the coffee-in-room laden Biltmore Hotel in Santa Clara, I was thinking, “I don’t have enough podcasts and podcasts on the way. I like zombies. I mean, I really like zombies. I should start up a zombie podcast.”

Now, there is The Crazy Zombie Podcast, but I’m not sure if it’s based on solely on zombies.

Perhaps I’d call my podcast “The Zombie Newz” and just go over all the latest zombie news, trends, and discussion. We could review at least one movie, TV show, etc. an episode as well.

(I’m only 25% kidding.)

I despise solo-podcasts, esp. making them, so I’d be looking for 1-3 partners. Anyone interested?

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  1. I have a love-hate relationship with zombies: I really love zombie movies but have been plagued by recurring nightmares about zombies for teh best part of the last 20 years. I’d be interested in contributing, but I know feck all about how to do podcasts

  2. You mentioned my podcast above and it is true that The Crazy Zombie Podcast is not entirely focused on zombies. I just think that zombies are awesome and it is even better when they are crazy. Another zombie podcast focused more on popular zombie stuff like films and trends. I would be more than happy to contribute in any way to ‘The Zombie Newz.’ (or whatever you would choose to call it)

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