Episode 64 – .Net vs. JEE, Java GUI, A Whole Chicken, FileMaker Dates, Coach Jack, More Stupid Jokes from Cote’

In this episode, Charles and Coté talk about a recent prounouncement that .Net has beat out JEE, the annoyances of FileMaker, the crazy things our high school health teacher said, and things to do when the wife is away.

(This episode edited by Coté.)

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  1. .Net victorious over Java? Reminds me of:

    “There are no tanks within 100 miles of Baghdad!”

    Having used both on the USS Enterprise, .NET is great for Windows front-end applications. Lots of easy GUI tools to hook into databases and web services. I can’t speak for backend code, because everyone seems afraid to use .NET on the backend – even new development on Windows-centric server software I know of is all done in Visual C++. But Java backend is well-established. Java front-end, of course, can be done, but with mixed success.

    By the way, the ACLU represented me briefly when I was expelled from SMU for leading a protest march.

    May likes to buy the whole chicken (with the head, in a Chinese market) and cook it in a soup. And then suck the brains out of its head. Yum.

  2. The best chicken is smoked chicken I found. I knew a guy that ate cooked the and ate the heads of chicken. Seemed like a lot of work for little meat

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