[DrunkAndRetired.com Podcast] Episode 59 – Lightside v. Darkside, plus learning javascript the language, not the javascript the browser scriptus

Lil' Hand Guy

In this episode, we talk about OS X switching, JavaScript, and a couple of other exciting topics. But, it’s Coté and Charles discussing something.

(This episode edited by Charles.)

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  1. Aaron: there is no problem.
    Ron: I know, it’s weird, huh? There are conflictinga anecdotal studies of Ubuntu vs. OS X ;) It seems like there’s this large mid-range of people who don’t want Windows, want something Linux-y, but don’t want the fuss of all that Linux, even if it’s just “one simple thing” like getting a wifi card working. I couldn’t get my wifi card working out of the box either for my trashed Dell.

  2. I think the deal with WiFi cards and Linux is that the manufacturers don’t like making their specs public, so you have to reverse engineer the drivers. Which makes it tedious and frustrating for Linux devs.

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