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The Octopus Project, at Emo's

Speaking of music recommendations, here’s a few things I’ve been listening to recently that I’ve liked:

  • Neko Case – I saw Neko Case at SXSW this year, and I’ve since gotten all of her albums. Listening to her is like watching a Southern version of All the Real Girls. And, all her songs are in eMusic (as are the rest of the bands in this list), so you can stick the finger to all the DRM Devil.
  • Soul Position – the only thing I’ve been listening to more than Niko Case is Soul Position. I also heard Soul Position at SXSW; clearly SXSW is a fantastic way to find new music…aside from being a week long, rockin’, music buffet on it’s own.
  • The Octopus Project – after seeing that Matt Ray was listening to The Octopus Project, I started listening to them again. I went to a show of theirs back in May and it was awesome. Several years ago when Josh was a big-wig in AMODA and later ran his own shows, I went to several — for lack of a better generalized term — electronica shows: very rarely did the crowd get as excited and jumpy as at that Octopus Project show. It made the show super fun.
  • Girl Talk – a saw Girl Talk a couple years ago at one of Josh’s shows, and it was a crazy show. I somehow noticed that Girl Talk had increased in popularity on, and I thought I should check him out again. It’s fun music, heavily laced with crap-hop and samples from top 40 music. The album is like listened to all the pop, hip-hop and R&B 40 top hits from the last decade all at once. A mashup they’re calling it now-a-days.

As always, if you’re really interested in what I’m listening to, check out my page. It’s a cool service that (through a small agent on your desktop that talks to iTunes and other music players) tracks what songs you listen to and tells you your favorites. It’ll recommend other music and let you see what your friends are listening to. It’s like a time-shifted version of looking through your friends record/CD/MP3 collections, and you know what a nut I am for time-shifted anything.

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Masters of Horror

Uncle Stankus Bourbon Whiskey

I rented a passel of Masters of Horror episodes to watch today. They’re quite good. Each one is done by a different director, so each has its own character. I’m an H.P. Lovecraft fan, so I of course liked “Dreams in the Witch-House.” I’m a sucker for weirdo, demonic, insane tales, and it fit the bill.

The John Landis one — “Deer Woman” — that I’m watching is a good mix of horror, story, and gore. It’s about exactly what the title says, brining out great lines like:
“It’s a woman with deer legs. Motive isn’t really an issue here.”

I Love Sandwiches, and, The Hot Dog Dilemma

Over the weekend, I got to thinking, “man, I really like sandwiches. I should write more about that.” The fact of the matter is, I think about sandwiches a lot, far more than I eat them. But when I do eat a sandwich, especially one I’ve made, I over-think it.

For example, I have this German style bread now that makes a good sandwich. It has these little nut things in it that give the deep, dark brown slices a slightly crunchy feel. For sometime, I’ve used white cheese only — provolone, Swiss, or mozzarella — and I recently switched to simple American. Usually I think yellow cheese is normal and boring, but then I realized, no it’s not, it can be as fun as white cheeses.

So, there you have it: I aim to beef up my knowledge about sandwiches and generate content appropriately.

The Thai Sandwich

We went to Thai Kitchen tonight, and it was the perfect chance to work on The Sandwich Project: they had something called a Thai Sandwich. It was the perfect thing for building up the base definition of a sandwich: putting something on sliced bread.

Now, that’s just the start of the definition. I don’t have it fully worked out yet, but sliced bread is a key ingredient that I’ve found so far. We can all agree on sliced bread (I hope).

Let’s look at the Thai sandwich:

Thai Sandwich

You’ll notice that it’s a single slice of bread, fried, with something on top. They’ve cut it up into small pieces as well. On top of the bread is a layer of egg, then pieces of pork, followed by another layer of egg (I think). It all gets fried, and I got it with a little cucumber and onion mix.

Now, this isn’t a sandwich as you’d get from Subway, but I hold that it’s a sandwich nonetheless. The primary characteristic is that it’s “stuff” on sliced bread. And, in fact, we have precedents: The Croque Madame.

The Hot Dog Dilemma

While the Thai Sandwich problem may have been solved, Kim raised a very real issue: what about hot-dogs? Are Hot-dogs? Sandwiches?

Speaking personally, I say, no, a hot-dog is clearly not a sandwich. And, yet, Kim’s case is compelling: it is “stuff” between two pieces, perhaps even slices of bread.

So, I pull myself back from my gut instinct to reject the hot-dog as a sandwich. But, I ask you, dear readers, is a hot-dog a sandwich?

While the wikipedia discussion on Hot Dogs raises the issue, I’m interested in what you, dear readers, have to say. What do you think?

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Movie: Undead

Zombie from Undead

Now, here’s a good zombie movie: Undead. It’s not even overly cheesy…for the genre.

The premise is somewhat original, despite what one IMDB review suggests. I mean, sure, there are genre staples: The Bad Ass, The Unwilling Bad Ass, The Pregnant Woman, The Bumbling Cop, and The Twist at the end.

But, the special effects are well done, even gooey, garnering a rare, “whao, this movie is real good” from Kim. Even the plot isn’t too shabby.

Best get this one if you like zombie films.

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