[DrunkAndRetired.com Podcast] Episode 57 – Content is King, Social Networks, High Availability, Track Backs, Virtualization, Linux Package Management, Java and Rake, Hiring Web Redesigners

In this episode we Charles and Cote’ talk about web tools, coding, hiring web redesigners, and the usuaul lot of code-monkey fun.

The Spam plugin that Cote’ mentions is Akismet. It works damn good.

(This episode edited by Cote’)

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  1. Anyone unfamiliar with the FreeBSD ports system should check it out. There’s over 15,000 packages in there that can be built from source or (usually) installed as binaries. That’s more than a lot of Linux distros. As far as I can tell ports are generally maintained and patched faster on BSD. And in my opinion, dependencies and conflicts are handled much better.

    Chapter in the FreeBSD Handbook:

    Browse the ports tree:

  2. There is not VMWare for OSX yet. They are developing it.
    As I posted in people over process:

    While Parallels looks good, I am hoping for VMWare to come out with a version of Workstation 5 for OSX. I have used VMWare on Windows and Linux for the last 3 years and have found it invaluable as a developer. The features added in versions 4 and 5 have taken the workstation product from simply a way to create a simple virtual machine into a proper tool for developers to build and test multitier and multi-OS systems. Looking at Parallels it looks to be lacking these features right now, but it is ahead of where VMWare was for its initial releases. These features I use all the time in VMWare:

    * Snapshots: create a backup of a virtual machine with one click and roll back to it.
    * Cloned VMs: Clone a clean install of an OS to create multiple VMs that take up less hd space.
    * Virtualized Networking: The VM can share your network card, VMware has a built in NAT firewall. You can also isolate the machine or make a private network for a group of VMs
    * VM Teams: Start, suspend, run a group of VMs all together. Useful for testing or developing multitiered apps.

    Great, I sound like a VMWare commercial. I have fell in love with VMWare and am not ashamed to admit it.

  3. Scott, as far as virtualized networking goes, I believe Parallels does support that. I know it shares your network card, and that VM’s can see other VM’s running on your machine, but I’m not sure on the specifics of the whole ‘private network’ thing.

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