Episode 56 – My technical nightmare podcast with Andre, or, AJAX Do’s and Don’t’s

In this episode we talk about several AJAX and JavaScript do’s and don’t’s. Guests in this episode: André Charland, Dave Johnson, and Glenn Twiggs.

We had quite a nightmarish time recording this episode, so pardon the glitches and crap. You can hear me complaining to no end in the begining.

(This episode edited by Charles.)

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  1. You guys should look into compressors, now that you are doing more shows where levels are out of your control. Throwing a compressor or at least a normalization plugin on each channel, and then the entire mix, would make things tons more listenable.

  2. ya that was the podcast from hell!

    ya that’s good feedback Aaron. Charles was super loud compared to the rest of us.

    Also we should all record our own MP3 and then we can remix them after if all goes wrong. We need to get this content out there in a digestable format!

    Better times ahead:)

  3. Those sound like exciting suggestions. We’ll see if we can get Charles to figure out recording an MP3 on his whacky Mac.
    On the other hand, we got the levels balanced out a bit better. I was using the old ones from Charle’s old setup, but with his new one, he’s a bit louder.

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