[DrunkAndRetired.com Podcast] Episode 53 – The Business and Technology of AJAX, Part 1

In this episode, Charles and Coté talk with guest André Charland of eBusinessApplications (or “EBA”) about the business and technology of AJAX.

This first part is more focused on the technology side of AJAX, while the soon to follow part 2 is more bid’ness.

(This episode edited by Coté.)

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  1. So I checkout my iTunes today and it tells me I have not only a new episode of DrunkandRetired to enjoy, but also a new RedMonk radio. Then I look closer. Hmmm, they are both the same Lent and on the same topic. Shenanigans! Cote has duplicated content to pad his podcasts.

  2. Aaron: hopefully we can sort this out next recording. Also, we’ll get to the comment you sent in. Sorry it’s taken us so long.
    Scott: Yowza! Zing! Hey-Ooooohhh!

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