[DrunkAndRetired.com Podcast] Episode 57 – Content is King, Social Networks, High Availability, Track Backs, Virtualization, Linux Package Management, Java and Rake, Hiring Web Redesigners

In this episode we Charles and Cote’ talk about web tools, coding, hiring web redesigners, and the usuaul lot of code-monkey fun.

The Spam plugin that Cote’ mentions is Akismet. It works damn good.

(This episode edited by Cote’)

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Jackhammers, Gene's Poboys, and The McHipster Effect

As noted yesterday, there is much jackhammering going on at my house. And I’m paying for it!

I make a lot of calls during the day, so I’ve been out and about town, primarily in Kim’s work’s neck of the woods, the newly gussied up East 11th Street.

Thanks to all the people who’ve given me shelter!

Gene’s Roast Beef Poboy is Pure Gullet Gold You Must Eat One NOW!

As such, I finally got to eat at Gene’s. Their menu is small compared to Sambet’s, but their roast beef poboy is fantastic…even better than Sambet’s.

Still, if I had to give a rating on over-all, Sambets would win. Gene’s is really just a poboy and fried-chicken place. On the other hand, I can’t wait to try their fried-chicken. I bet it rocks your ass.

In a word: Gene’s is best of bread when it comes to the poboy, while Sambet’s is suite-ware….sweet, sweet suite-ware that is.

Do You Have Hipsters?

Newst Hipster Softball League Player

As long time readers will know, I have a weird fixation on hipsters. It’s probably because they’re the bohemians of my town (Austin, fool!) at the moment. Hipsters everywhere!

East 11th is one of the Hipster Meccas. In general, the first few miles east of I-35 are the Hipster-Hive. You know the story: it used to be (pardon my frankness) the black and hispanic part of town. The land was cheap…but close to downtown and campus. Now it’s becoming a hybrid minority/hipster part of town.

The Longbranch Inn is located on East 11th, as is the place I’m sitting at right now, Dandelion Cafe. Now, I’m sure The Real Hipsters would tell me that these places are so yesterday or some shit. Whatever. Here’s what I IM’ed to Kim a few hours ago:

Dude, this is place is a total East Austin Hipster hangout.

Rolled up cuffs and big sun-glasses.

Hair-gel and mod-dresses.

5-o’clock shadows and brand new cars.

The McHipster Effect

Sure, it’s fun typing hipster, but it makes me wonder, is there a McHipster effect on communities that’s bad? Or is the hipster invasion all good?

Gentrification has always been fascinating topic for me: that tension between revitalizing a neighborhood and pricing it’s original inhabitants out of the market due to that revitalization is a weird real-estate, classiest-loaded colonialism.

The question is, as one of my old junior and high school dice-nerd chums from East Austin (who somehow translated +3 save against venom to a West Point tour…holy crap!) says in his MySpace profile: “Keep East Austin shitty”…? Full disclaimer: I am a cracker-assed honkey that uses hair-gel, but at least I was born here.

Thankfully, I have close friends who are highly trained and paid professionals in figuring out these problems. Kim is a Sociology major, and Sarah is a city planner. Hopefully they, and you, dear readers, can sort out my philosophic worries.

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Getting the Floor Fixed

Note from Barry

Originally uploaded by cote.

As many of you know, our kitchen floor has been wonky for awhile. With the help of Mason’s dad, Barry, we’re finally getting it fixed.

Here’s the photos so far.

The funny thing — but I guess expected in an old house like ours — is the totally shitty job previous owners did with the floor. For Example, there’s still two different layers of tile on the concrete slab under the floor. The first layer under our current floor was seperated by plywood, the second layer by 4 inches of concrete:

The Floor Under the Floor Under the Floor

And the silly thing about the concrete is that our house is a pier and beam house, so there’s not supposed to be any concrete slabs underneath it.

The theory is that this slab used to be the back-poarch, and “they” just left it here instead of removing it.

Yay home-ownership!

TV Time!

As most of you, dear readers, know, I am a sporadic TV viewer, but I keep up with TV. There’s two shows I actually like, one of them only recently: House, MD. At first, it was a bit grating in it’s over-the-topness, but now I’ve kind of eased into just accepting it as a TV-quality snarkness.

Really, it’s a show all about debugging, just with human bodies instead of computers. In that aspect, it’s a great for empirical analysis wank-fest. What nerd doesn’t like that.

We’ll see if I can keep up with when they’re on.

The other show I like: Hell’s Kitchen. Why? I have no idea, I just like it. That dude looks like a Malibu-perfect troll-head (it’s that furrowed brow) who can yell a motley crew of cooks into making a mean beef wellington.

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Episode 56 – My technical nightmare podcast with Andre, or, AJAX Do's and Don't's

In this episode we talk about several AJAX and JavaScript do’s and don’t’s. Guests in this episode: André Charland, Dave Johnson, and Glenn Twiggs.

We had quite a nightmarish time recording this episode, so pardon the glitches and crap. You can hear me complaining to no end in the begining.

(This episode edited by Charles.)

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The Omen (2006)

It’s been quite sometime since I’ve felt the need to write-up a movie. That time is now. The Omen remake is terrible. Even the lovely Ms. Kim Skotak has seen fit to write-up some comments on, as she calls it The Suckomen.

I know, I know, you’re saying, “Coté, I could have told you it’d be terrible.” And you’d be right. The primary problem is that it’s a series of events without much story.

That’s the all the often flaw in horror movies. We call it a monster a movie. But, the monster has to be something fascinating and intriguing on its own to hold the movie together: Frankenstein’s monster, Dracula, that black haired kid in The Ring.

Here we just have the anti-christ, but he doesn’t really do anything except scowl and get Rottweiler all hot and bothered for The Bite. But there’s no story for this monster, no explanation. It’s as if the film makers decided all those Gideon’s bibles in Motel 6’s have done all the work for us, and we don’t need to be told anything.

I mean, his mother was literally a jackal. Jesus, there’s a frickin’ story!

As it stands, it’s about a 2 out of 5: watchable if you’re bored and have some beer, but you’d be better catching up with your Feedlounge.

But for the Grace of Pete

Thankfully, as in so many of these movies that I torture myself with in hopes of finding a great one, there was this man:

Pete Postlethwaite in The Usual Suspects

Mr. Pete Postlethwaite. Sure, he plays that crazy friar role, but, man, he plays it well.

The Omen III

We attempted to salvage the night by testing out the theory: two bad movies equals one good movie. So, we rented The Omen III with Sam Niel. Man, that was a terrible movie for all the same reasons as The Omen remake, but even more so.

When, oh Lord, when, will we start getting good horror movies again?

( is microformated with the hReview format. Let’s see what it ends up looking like.)

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[DrunkAndRetired.com Podcast] Episode 55 – JomDom's Comment's, w3c Specs, The Coming Age of JavaScript, Rhino in Java, Java Regex Woes, The Synchronized Web, The Local Persistence Taboo

Whao. In this episode, we talk about a lot. First, we address Aaron‘s comment that he sent in about 2 weeks ago: sorry for the lag. Then we get on to talking about the world of JavaScript and web application programming. And a whole lot of other stuff. See the title for the topics.

Here are some related links:

(This episode edited by Coté)

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