Service Bartering in Austin: Austin TimeBank

Karen, Kim, Sarah, Tom, and others have been putting together an Austin chapter of the TimeBank concept, Austin TimeBank. Tonight is the first/intro meeting. Here’s the meeting info: Monkey Wrench Books, 110 North Loop in Austin, on Tuesday, May 30, 2006, at 7:30pm.

And, here’s the idea behind TimeBank:

The Austin TimeBank is a new, local program that enables individuals to provide and receive skills and services within a network of people and organizations in Greater Austin. Similar to concepts expressed in bartering and alternative currency systems, this grassroots initiative lets members exchange labor and assistance without using the U.S. Dollar. The TimeBank values equality and rewards the service of each person equally in that each member’s hour is weighed the same: One hour of service equals one Time Dollar, regardless of the type of skill offered. The Time Dollar earned can be spent on receiving an hour of service from another member. The Austin TimeBank was created to provide individuals with the means to reintroduce a reliance upon the resources found locally from neighbors, acquaintances, and community members while aiming to provide an alternative approach to community development and economic opportunity.

For every hour you put in, you can use someone else’s services for an hour.

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[ Podcast] Episode 52 – Cory's Question

In this episode, we answer three questions from Cory about virus scanners, spy-ware blockers, programming, and operating systems. Thanks for all the questions!

You may be wondering, where is episode 51? Good question, dear readers! Charles is still editing that episode. It’s chock full of The Front Side goodness.

(This episode edited by Coté.)

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Planet Coté

After discussing how suprglu sucks with Chip last night, I put in the effort to switch over to a different feed splicer: planet planet, kind of recommended by Simon Phipps…I’m using the python version. Maybe the Roller port is better. I’ll probably test out Planet Roller by creating a planet for my Work Alumni Network. You know, that group of friends and co-workers who always end up working at the same places, your social-network Katamari Damacy.

Everything will stay the same as far as the feed and site go. But, the feed should be updated hourly with items spliced in from flickr,,, and I also switched over the moribund to display the HTML version of this splicing.

In summary: updates to the will be faster, and you don’t need to do anything.

Also, if you’re in the same multi-blog, multi-feed situation I am, I recommend planet planet (or Planet Roller?). It requires some coder know-how — running python and creating cron jobs — but it works well.

[ Podcast] Episode 50 – JavaOne 2006 Special – dynamic languages in Java, Inline XML, Better I/O, JackPot, BMC and FLEX, Splunk.

In this episode, Coté talks with special guest stars Gary Frost and Spencer Bishop, two of my former co-workers at BMC, about JavaOne 2006. We recorded at the legendary Thirsty Bear, so pardon the background chatter.

Charles will be back next week, so don’t despair.

(This episode barely edited by Coté)

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