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  1. Thanks for your comment!

    Great but short show :-)

    1. I meant BPEL is “exciting” to debug and maintain (= hard to maintain). From my point of view it is not very exciting technology (not visible JSPs)
    2. I think it is very hard (or even not possible) to provide the same semantics for service parameters cross departments in an enterprise or companies.
    3. Just think about orchestration of services. It is nearly impossible to provide a transactional and composite service, because there is now way to execute the fine services in the context of the transaction of the composite service. In SOA-world you will have to play with compensating transactions. What happens if a compensating transaction also fails?
    4. I think SOA is fine for procedural, data driven applications like workflow or portals. But in the practice the applications are more complicated then a federation of independent services.
    5.I thought SOA is the weakest defined buzzword. I changed my mind -> now we have Web 2.0 :-).
    6. I think SOA is more management (Golf Course Decision), then technology driven -> at least in the european companies.

    7. Sorry for the long comment again. If you are interested, we could also discussed such topics “offline”.

    8. Charles: why do you like stuff like “plastic bomber motorcycles”? Harley Davidson is lot more fun: cool sound and slow. So there is enough time during riding to think about the lack of stack trace in JavaScript :-)

    My name “Bien” is spelled like “Bean”.

  2. Yes, the problem is that when things go wrong in IE, there’s no good way to get a stack trace.

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