[DrunkAndRetired.com Podcast] Episode 47 – The Magic Shoe, An Unusual Pecker, Whiney Bitches, Fix It!

In this episode, Charles tell us about his weird shoe dreams, we respond to some listener comments, talk way too long about UFO porn, and finally end up talking about managing your urge to complain.

Also, I go over this year’s DrunkAndRetired.com JavaOne Contest: win a bottle of Wild Turkey!

(This episode edited by Coté.)

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Advice on Podcast Editing

Between the DrunkAndRetired.com podcasts and RedMonk Radio, I do a lot of podcasting. While I’m editing episode 47 here, I thought I’d be arogent enough to write down some editing tips. These aren’t tool tips so much as tips on approaches. <link to Distributing the Future tips

  • Cut that shit out: to me, editing is 80% deleting audio out. When Charles and I record, we can get up to 2 hours of content. Some of that is crap, but most of it is just average. For the most part, you want to cut out both the crap and average stuff. That said, I have low standards ;>
  • Cut out dead space. If you’re having an ad hoc conversation like we do in the DrunkAndRetired.com and RedMonkRadio podcasts, there’s always going to be a lot of pauses where people are either thinking of something to talk about, or responses to people’s questions. There’ll also be a lot of “uh dead time” where someone is brain-storming out-loud, but in an incoherent way, like, “well, uh…you have the compiler…and the whutzit…splice that…OK…I think I got it now…” and then they spew out coherent brain-storming. You want to keep the coherent brain-storming, and cut out the incoherent stuff.
  • Practice in medius rex. As I recall, in medius rex means “in the middle,” which is to say you should start in the middle of things: mid-laugh, mid-explanation, etc. A lot of times in conversation, you build up to a topic, often disclaiming a lot before hand in the hopes of fending off counter-attacks (maybe that’s just me). One of the commentaries for Chappelle’s Show put this another way: get in and out of a scene as quick as possible, do the joke, and exit right away. Still another way of thinking about it: everyone loves the chorus of a song, the rest is just waiting for that chorus.
  • Kill your darlings: this is an old writing tip. If you find yourself really liking something, question if you should include it. This is a defensive move as it’s easy to leave too many things that you like. My general rule of thumb is that if we’re repeating ourselves, even if it’s funny and/or good, I cut it.
  • That said, archive your darlings. While you may cut good stuff out of your show, it’s worth it to save them for later use. For example, we’ve had two Out-takes episodes on weeks where we didn’t record anything. They were easy to put together because I’d archived the little darlings along the way, so I just slapped them together. Also, by saving them, it’ll make it easier to cut them out of your episode, meaning you’ll do it more.
  • Don’t cut too close, or it sounds jumpy. The goal here is to keep the pace natural. If you cut too many things out — like someone taking a sip from their coffee, lots of “uh’s,” etc. — the pace starts to sound too rapid and choppy. I’m not one of those “maximize audio input time” people, so I don’t relish the end result of the pace being faster.
  • Feel free to split one recording into multiple episodes. As I’ve noted a couple times in the show, we usually get two episodes worth of audio out of one recording. This is great, because it means we don’t have the pressure to record every week.
  • Identify the podcast and episode at the beginning. As long time listeners will know, each DrunkAndRetired.com podcast begins with someone say “DrunkAndRetired.com Podcast, Episode X.” The thinking here is that people who can’t see the MP3 description — like folks using an iPod Nano — can quickly find the episodes they want to hear. I had this problem before getting an iPod because my MP3 player displayed the MP3 filenames in 8.3 format. Weird, huh?
  • Try not to surf the web — or write blog posts like this ;> — while you edit, it’s distracting. I should follow this rule, but I don’t.

So, now everyone can spot all those times that I don’t follow my own advice ;>

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Act-On Is Awesome

I recently had to switch from my beloved GMail to Mail.app (that damn “on behalf of” screwed our romance up). This meant giving up the notion of “Archive,” which is unique to GMail (OK, there may be other mail clients that do it, but not the big ‘uns). I archive stuff all the time to keep my inbox clean.

To simulate this in Mail.app, I created an Archive folder and dragged messages to it. Which isn’t quite as cool as hitting “a” in GMail or even clicking the Archive button.

And then I found Mail Act-On. After setting up a rule, I can now type ` and then a and BAAM! archived! You can, of course, set that to what you want.

So, if you want to get more keyboard action in Mail.app, check out the Mail Act-On.

Even Dorks Like Good Music

mrchippy: i made two new art brut converts.
mrchippy: my friends steve and chris.
Coté: Fantastic.
Coté: Did they just discover rock and roll?
mrchippy: they’re considering a move to LA!
Coté: Why don’t their parents worry about them?
mrchippy: they only listen to b-sides.
Coté: Should you ever quit BMC, you should quote them, “There’s not much glamor ’bout the English weather/There’s nothing…keeping us together.”
mrchippy: I’ll drink Hennessy — with Morrissey
Coté: And next time you throw some architecture up on the wall in a meeting you could say, “And yes, these are my real UML diagrams. It’s not irony.”
mrchippy: lol
Coté: “We’re just talkin’ to the programmers.”
Coté: And you’re probably also like, “Every company looks like Evity when I squint my eyes.”
mrchippy: Evity Kane
Coté: lol

Dear World, I Don't Want More Sleepy Time Music

Goulash Mix CD: Front

Of late, I’ve been getting back into listening to music. Sure, that sounds kind of fucked-up. The fact of the matter is, I haven’t updated my music collection in years. Shit is too expensive and I have a for-shit success rate of finding music I really like.

Thanks to SXSW this year, my interest has picked up, and I actually found some music I really like, namely, Art Brut. Sure, Kim says they’re “annoying,” but I like them…and she likes Slayer, so go figure. ;>

Here is the prime thing I look for in music: energy. Not really yelling and screaming, but optimism and volume. Corny always works too. Most music I’ve tried out recently has been sleepy time music.

Like Cat Power. Maybe I got some bad tracks, but that music made me want to take a nap at 2PM on a weekday. Hey, smoke ’em if you got ’em, but I gots to work.

So, anyone have some recommendations? The wonderful service last.fm tracks most everything I listen to, so you can get some hints of what I like in there.