Podcast Feed Validity

Dave Johnson pointed out some validation problems with the podcast feed — causing his podcatcher to download every episode each time we update. Thanks to Feed Validator, I’ve been whittling down the problems.

There were some HTML entities — for the funny characters Bill‘s and I’s last names — and some incorrect RFC822 dates. Those have been fixed, and the feed is valid now. However, I don’t have a guid in each item.

So, if anyone is encountering problems with the podcast feed being invalid, please send me an email/comment right away (comments@drunkandretired.com), and I’ll take a look at it.

And thanks to Dave for (a.) taking the time to point out the problem, and, (b.) continuing to subscribe despite the invalidness.

Tech Babble

Also, if you’re subscribing to this weblog’s feed in your podcatcher, it’d be great if you switched over to <a href="the podcast feed instead. Both will work, and I’ll continue to support the use of the blog feed, but I consider using the blog feed for the podcast as @deprecated: it’ll work, sure, but try not to use it.

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