[DrunkAndRetired.com Podcast] Episode 42 – Fast Libraries, The Zombie Exception to International Treaties, Stiring up Some Shit in Finland

At long last we return! Charles and I discuss two excellent listener comments: thanks for sending them in. Yuh!

(This episode edited by Coté)

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  1. Great show, doods. Thanks for answering my question; it’s something that really had me curious. I suppose it really is an issue of copyright, but at the same time it raises questions around which is better; open-source or “traditional” licensed software/technology.

    From what I’ve noticed, open-source software/technology lends itself towards iterative development, what with project management systems like Trac, etc. Further-more, iterative development lends itself to refining code to be just a bit faster, a bit prettier, and so on. Perhaps there is a connection in there somewhere and if some of these languages were open source, it’d be easier to rewrite libraries and get them commited or patched into some trunk on the intarwebs.

    Regardless, thanks so much for answering the comment, and for another show. Cheers!

  2. Cory: thanks!

    Aaron: you’re onto a good connection between iterative development and OSS. I’ve had that thought myself, but I haven’t quite fleshed out all the angles. A large part of iterative development is not being afraid to write crap in order to get the code out the door so that you can figure out what you want. Prototyping, spikes, and other “see what works” approaches. This is harder to do in a closed source world, esp. a comercial one where your users want it to work in the first place. Success by way of failures (that are corrected!) is hard for people to stomic when they’re paying for all those failures. Yeah. Worth some more thought.

    Arley: fotes and post are on the way, my friend. Don’t dispare. They’ll be on the other blog.

    Designker: I’m downloading that right now. I can’t wait! Thanks!

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