Best 30 Seconds of Podcast?

Dear listeners,

Another podcast wants to excerpt 30 seconds of our podcast in a larger show about podcasts. We will be searching for that 30 seconds across all 35 episodes, but I thought I could use the wisdom of crowds to make the work more efficient.

If you have a favorite 30 seconds — or even just an episode — please leave a comment below to help us out. Perhaps we’ll even take all the suggestions and put together a best of show, prefixing each with, “Mr. Jomdom liked this one best…” and the like.

Oh, and we need to get it to the dude by tomorrow, Thursday ;>

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  1. I actually liked it because it made me laugh so hard. Some of the comments that were made. Just the inserts such as Gi Joe and the comedy about the people on fire, one liners, it’s really funny to me

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