[DrunkAndRetired.com Podcast] Episode 36 – Fans and Focus!

In this episode, we talk about some recent positive comments — and cash-money from Jomdom! — and the tediousness of dealing with focus in web browsers. We also catch up on Charle’s indie-programmer life-style.

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As always, leave a comment on the blog entry, email comments (text or MP3s) to comments@drunkandretired.com, or call out Skype number and leave voice-mail: drunkandretired or +1-512-879-6339.

(This episode edited by Coté)

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  1. Awesome! Thanks for the mention, guys! Also, my new title of “Superfan” is most excellent :-)

    Good talk about focus too. I am bitter towards auto-focus because when I fire up Firefox (heh), the address bar gets focus. But when my homepage (google.com) is done loading, focus goes to the search textfield. I end up, many times, with half a url in my address bar and half in the google search textfield. I’ve checked for an extension in Firefox, but no love!


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