Perceptions of Innovation

I came across two survey answers that contained the question “My company is big on innovation” (the wording in each survey was, of course, a little different) that caught my eye:

From CIO Insight (their data isn’t online yet, but here’s the pages from the hard-copy: one and two):

“My company’s IT department is actively involved in corporate innovation efforts aimed at introducing new products and services”
Yes: 73%. No: 27%

“The corporate culture at my company encourages technology experimentation and rewards ‘well-intentioned’ failure.”
Yes: 48%. No: 52%.

(On this last one, it’s too bad they asked two questions in one instead of two separate questions. If they were separate, I bet the first question would have rated higher, while the second lower.)

And then this, via Slow Leadership, from an ISR survey:

The perception that IT jobs are at risk for outsourcing may also be
responsible for the steady decline in IT workers’ belief that their employers
reward innovation, as this number has declined from 64 percent in 2001 to
46 percent in 2005.

For the cynics out, there isn’t really any surprise in those answers: everyone wants their cake (innovation that makes money) and eat it too (not pay for all the failures needed to get a win). But, it’s always good to have numbers in addition to gut and anecdote (gutecdode?).

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  1. “Gutecdode”? You’re trying too hard, the success of “orgnertia” has gone to your head. You can’t force econobonics, they have to come naturally.

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