For quite some time now, I’ve enjoyed listening to and creating podcasts. Podcasts, of course, are self-produced shows in MP3 format that you can listen to on your computer, iPod, burn to CD, or anywhere that can transmit the audio to your ears. There’s plenty more explanations of the word “podcast”out there if you’re interested. The point of this page is to simply list all the podcasts that I’m involved in. Here’s the list:

DrunkAndRetired.com Podcast

The first podcast with my friend Charles Lowell and the occasional guests. We mostly talk about programming and other dorky and tech things. But, mixed in a fine dose of little boy and geek humor.

An audio only version of the feed is available.

RedMonk Radio

The (usually) weekly podcast about the software industry from RedMonk‘s view. I do this podcast with the two partners in my industry analyst firm, Steve O’Grady and James Governor.

I do several podcasts at RedMonk, including RIA Weekly and the IT Management Podcast. All are included in the RedMonk Radio feed. Also, check out the videos on RedMonkTV.

Austin’s Very Own

My wife Kim and I do a more or less weekly podcast on, you know, nothing in particular. We simply talk about what’s been going on recently. Occasionally, we do video versions or may do specials about things around town, like Domy books.

DrunkAndRetired.com Stories (neé)Gravy!

Each of the episodes in “Stories” are just little things I record here and there, sometime with my wife, sometimes myself, or other people.

Back in 2005, I split off some extra material to a podcast I called “Gravy.” For whatever reason, I started another one recently called “Stories.” The two are now merged. If you’d like to get the first 8 Grady episodes, they’re available in this old feed.

Austin Nag Podcast

Tips and advice for out-of-its like myself. That is, how to be more like an adult and less like a dark-room dwelling computer dweeb.


A podcast of other podcasts and audio that I liked. When I heard a podcast I think is pretty good, I tag it in del.icio.us with podcast4u. So, if yo subscribe to this feed, you’ll get an earful of audio that I recommend.


Check out our Frappr!

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  1. Guys,

    I love the podcast and have done for a good year or two now. At last we are finally at gravitas it’s been a long time coming! :)

    It’s nice to see your faces in your more recent vidcasts but is there any chance you could publish just the audio mp3s as well?

    My only chance to consume drunk & retired is when I’m driving and so I’m having to convert them myself at the moment.

    If you could do the hard work for me then that would be brill!

    And Cote, that was some drink you poured in #100!

    Andy B.
    (a fellow sheep&cheeser)

  2. Andrew: thanks for the comment. We’ll be publishing the audio once we get our bandwidth and storage stuff sorted out (hopefully with S3). Those videos take up a lot of our monthly quotas :(

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