Lots of “Client Architect” Positions Open at BMC

My work, BMC Software, Inc. has a lot (7) of what they call “Client Architect” positions open. We have several types of architects, but this one appears to be a high level tech-sales type: working closely with customers to help them fit our software into their business and process, of course, with the goal of making those customer’s IT more effective and, as I always like to throw out, money-makin’.

Put another way, it seems to align nicely with the advice I gave in one of my recent posts, The Disappearing SysAdmin and Enterprise Software Vendors: enterprise software is increasingly more about people and service, and less about the exact software. Or, as “Friends of DrunkAndRetired,” RedMonk put it, “focusing on business and operational context rather than speeds and feeds and feature tick-lists.”

Anyhow, here’s the job listings if you want to apply:
seven. They’re all the same job, we just have seven slots open. You can probably just apply to one of them.

The recruiter who posted on Austin JUG (no link yet) said “[t]his is a critical role within the company and they pay these Architects bases from $110k-125k with 35% incentive component.”

If you put down my name as a reference, I get a tiddy pay-out, so I’d appreciate it. Feel free to email me as well.

As a disclaimer: I’m one person in a 6,000+ person company, so I have no idea about these jobs, I just found them thanks to Kinman noticing them posted on the local Java User’s Group.

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