[DrunkAndRetired.com Podcast] Episode 29 – Finite State Machines, Intuition, Non-local Private Data

In this episode, we get down to some nitty gritty code theory, and Coté
tells one of his favorite intuition based learning stories…again.

starting now we have voice-mail where you can leave comments:
out Skype ID is drunkandretired and the phone number is
+1-512-879-6339 (it’s a US number). We’ll still, of course, accept comments as MP3/WAV/etc. if you send them to comments@drunkandretired.com.

More Audio Content: Gravy!

Also, we’ve started up a more informal/”bonus material” podcast, DrunkAndRetired.com Gravy. If you’re a fan of the original one, you might like Gravy too.

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