Cheap ITIL Books?

I’ve been borrowing one of the ITIL books, Service Support, from work. As someone who gets jazzed about devices that have SNMP agents on them, it’s an exciting read. So far — on pg. 43 in the service desk section — it’s been great at the simple, but rarely done, task of simply defining all the tasks and motivation that you’d expect IT to perform.

Knowledge Ain’t Cheap

The problem with these books is they’re so damn expensive. I could make my car payment with the amount I’d spend buying all the ITIL books. Unfortunitly, it doesn’t seem like there are free downloads from the OGC: I guess the UK doesn’t have the same “anything the government produces will be free” policy that the US has. Or, more than likely, they’ve figured out a loop-hole with this one.

Manual Meta-Info

The deal with me and books is that I like to write all in them, dog-ear them, and otherwise add in meta-information. On many occasions, I’ve been known to use the blank pages to write letters and other notes. I work books like pairs of jeans: I’m not satisfied with then until they’re broken and worn. When you borrow a book, this isn’t possible, and I keep feeling like I’m only half expieriencing the borrowed book.

Not to mention the fact that these ITIL books would be great references, which is only possible if you own the book. Need to know 18 things to consider when putting together a service/help desk? As they used to say in those Time Life commercials, read the book.

Got Any Cheap Books for Me?

So, if anyone knows where I can get some cheap versions of these books, I’d appreciate it. It could be hard-copy or PDF, I don’t really care.

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