The Blogging Enterprise, 2005: Kick-Starting The Blogging Enterprise Panel

Legal Stuff from John Slafsky

No law about blogs. So we’re trying to map existing law.

Things to Worry About

Trade secrets, product launches, roadmaps, revenue estimates,
defamation, employment law issues (getting fired for blogging),
copyright and patent law (like posting about Secure RSS), and
Securities regulation issues.

“People should not be blogging about the stock price, personal
matters, launch date of next release of product.”

On Blogging Policies

Probably not great as shields against liability. The blog author(s)
is still at risk[, as with all actions in a legalistic society.]

Todd Watson talk about Legal Issue with IBM Blogging

Engaging the legal freak-outers: they just need an explanation of
what’s happening.

Blogging guidelines.

Used a wiki to have internal conversations about the public
blogging strategy with legal, corp. communications, and the blogging


[What if turns out your blogging employees aren’t very good at
blogging? They don’t have domain knowledge, writing skills, or they
don’t have the “common sense” needed to know what to and what
not to blog.]

Using Blogs As Product Management Input. [The idea is that you’ve
flattened the input channels out so that you can drink from the
fire-hose of your customer’s comments. Assuming your customers have
enough passion about your stuff to spend time/energy to post.]

Q & A: Are Blogs Here to Stay?

Here to stay until the next things comes along. The business card
of the future. Here to stay. Train’s leaving the stations.

And here’s more detail from Shel.

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