[DrunkAndRetired.com Podcast] The IUV Triplet, The Hati Point, and Empirical Project Managemen

In this episode, we talk about Cockburn’s “Are Iterations
Hazardous to Your Project?”
article, Agile-think re: scaling
projects from 5-50 people, and figuring out what we want from the

Also, starting with this episode, I’m trying out listing all links to stuff we talk about on del.icio.us with the tag d&r_23, as in “Links for DrunkAndRetired.com Podcast Episode 23.”. My thinking is that for each episode, I’ll create a new tag, e.g., for episode 24, d&r_24.

Also, see the post about the for_d&r tag.

(This episode edited by Coté.)

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The Big Bleat

The people we’ve been giving copies of

The Big Moo
to have been enjoying it so far. I always try to warn the less markety-types (read: programmers) that it can come off as a bit cheesy. But, they usually surprise (more at first, now I’m not so surprised) by saying they like it after they start reading it.

It’s pretty fun explaining the book to someone new as a group ’cause other people who’ve read it can bust out with good summaries. It’s like I don’t have to do any work evangelizing it at all. The ideas in it have nice viral qualities in that respect.

Along those lines, we were joking around at Kim Phung the other day about writing out own sort of half-parody book. Someone suggested the title The Big Bleat. We’ll see what happens: it’d be a fun little PDF.
I came up with our first pithy-“remarkablize!” statement last night: “to make money, you have to make change.”

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DrunkAndRetired.com Podcast Links

Occasionally, Charles and I like to take a break from talking about pooping in pickle jars and talk about something technical. In pursuit of that, I thought I’d start up a tag for links and articles that we might use for fodder to get those talks started.

So, if you tag something with “
” we’ll notice it, and perhaps use it. It’s what you might call an “inbox tag” or a “hey tag,” just like the heyredmonk tag.

And, of course, being that it’s on del.icio.us, there’ll be a feed for it.

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Austin is Goin' Balls-Out Crazy!

Austin preps for Rita, 2
Originally uploaded by Northern Transplant.

While it seems rational that some of my inlaws are coming from Houston to stay with us in Austin this weekend, as others have pointed out, my fellow Austinites are going crazy when it comes to Rita, namely by stock-piling.

I’ve lived in Austin all my life — almost 28 years — and nothing terrible along the lines of power, water, or other basic infrastructure has ever, ever happened. Including the time a tornado touched down just blocks from where I currnetly live, on Koenig.

Maybe I’ll be eating crow when I find myself in the thunder-dome, or eating canned dog food in a dessert, but this mass-panic that the apocolypse is coming all seems super-nutty to me.

JAAS in Action: Diagram Me!

I’ve been struggling for a few day with what to diagram, and how, in chapter 6 of the book I’m working on, JAAS in Action. Chapter 6 introduces a database-backed Policy implementation; this means you can store permission assignments in a database rather than a flat-file.

So, if you have an ideas about what diagrams, if anything, to put into this chapter, I’d sure appreciate any suggestions you might have. Here’s a PDF of the chapter at the moment: jaas-in-action_chapter06-02.pdf.