Free Ads in Podcast

Baus’s latest post got me thinking (as seems to happen daily) about good enough/indie programming. One problem, of course is marketing your services/software. Blogs, of course, work wonderfully if you can catch the right eye (see Whichard’s Blogging Theory).

To that end, it got me thinking that I should experiment with putting ads in the podcast. In addition to my pure curiosity at how it’d work out, there’s also some altruistic feelings of helping people out by giving them a chance to self-market.

So, unless Charles completely rebels at the idea, I’d invite anyone who wants to record a short 10-30 second ad to send the MP3 along.

The ad can be for anything: software your making, your website, services you have to offer, something about the company you work at, or just purely ego thing where you say “I rule!”. Really, think of it as more a free-form audio submission than an ad: ads would just be a sub-set of the acceptable submissions. The intent is to get the podcat linked into the rest of my online life: there’s no “hard links” in audio, but ads can serve as a sort of connection between the podcast and other nodes in the network.

If we should actually get any submissions, here’s how it’ll go and some more info:

  • We’ll insert the ad at the end of the show. That way, listeners can stop listening if they want to. I care about the listeners more than my curiosity for this experiment and the desire to help folks self-market.
  • If I don’t know you (in-person or online), I’m not going to put the ad in…unless you turn out to be swanky.
  • We’ll probably only have 30-60 seconds of ads, so if we get a bunch of short ones, we’ll be able to put in more.
  • We don’t have that many listeners…
  • …but we probably have a pretty niche demographic of tech people.
  • We might decide not to do it after all, esp. if the ads are shitty.
  • But, hey, it’s free, so fuck off if you don’t like the above ;>

So, any takers?

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  1. I’ve come to the conclusion that starting a software company in your spare time doesn’t work…unless you’re a hermit.The only answer then, to me, is to just get some damn funding so that it can be full-time instead of spare time.I’ll look forward to an ad from you ;>

  2. I am a hermit ; )Actually with the gf in law school it frees up some time for heads down coding. I would feel bad watching football games and drinking beer while she was reading 400 pages of torts. baus

  3. Good afternoon Michael,

    My name is Jeff Read. I found your site on yahoo search. I am curious if you are still accepting advertising. My wife, and I started our retailing business to generate proceeds for donation to childrens cancer research organizations. I’m sad to say this was prompted by our son being diagnosed with a Sarcoma tumor. That said, we really have no advertising budget. I don’t even have a recorded ad at the moment. But, we have a good product and great passion for our cause. I am just hoping that we can get the word out about these diseases and generate additional funding for research. Please visit our websites or I really appreciate your time and consideration.

    Jeff Read

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