[DrunkAndRetired.com Podcast] Episode 04 – He’s Burger, Web Apps Suck

Here’s episode 04 of the Drunk & Retired podcast. As usual, it’s Charles (in Finland) and I (in Austin) talking about this and that.

The quality of this recording is much better as I finally figured out how to get Audio Hijack to record Skype without all that soundflower virtual cable crap. You just use a voice over effect, recording Skype, and you get not only Charle’s voice, but mine too. But, no one care about all that shit.

Have fun listenin’!

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02, 03, 04.

3 replies on “[DrunkAndRetired.com Podcast] Episode 04 – He’s Burger, Web Apps Suck”

  1. Another great one. I am really lovin the podcast. Now I am getting real hyped about the others. By the way,,being a newb to this stuff, your podcast is really pretty great, because while i dont understand alot of what you guys are talking about, I get a lot from the terminology usage, so I am learning a ton. Yet another marketing angle.Incidentally, I totally got the ‘raster blaster’ comment. e.g. “Who run geometry town?!” “Raster blaster!”. Very funny, off the cuff.

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