silverpants II Update

After a couple days, I have the new PowerBook more or less all setup:

  • All the major apps are installed and re-setup.
  • Matt Ray recommended some new apps that are super sweet: Desktop Manager for virtual desktops; uControl to remap the useless enter key to Fn, so I can get some sweet PgDn and PgUp action with my right hand; and iTerm for a slightly better term than
  • Thanks to Chicken of the VNC, I can setup a VNC server on Windows boxes and run all the Windows apps I need to run at work…
  • …and with a few network drive mounts and symlinkin’ I can use the PowerBook for my day job work. Kinman‘s salivating over that. I predict he’ll get a PowerBook within the month. (You know you want it!)

Apple’s been doing some dumb-ass shit recently about rumors, but I still love their products. Hopefully the EFF will stop their shenanigans and get them back to just making bad-ass products. Too bad Apple needs their help with that.