Re: Why internal blogs don’t make it

Paul Vick lists some reasons why internal MSFT blogs may not be taking off. I’d add another, more positive reason: when it comes to content that can be public, I’d much rather put it on my public weblog than my internal weblog. That is, if I have an interesting link to an external source, or some talk-thinking about software development, I’d rather put it on my public weblog where the whole world can see it, getting me a wider audience.

So, the only content that goes on my internal, work weblog is content that needs to stay hidden from the outside world. There’s not a whole lot of confidential content that I feel the urge to post about, so my public weblog ends up having much more content than my internal, work blog.

It’d be nice if my blogging software, or the blog-o-sphere as a whole, had the infrastructure for me to have “one” weblog that syndicated it’s content to different “physical” weblogs. So, I’d post public stuff, and it’d show up on Or, I could post company-secret stuff, and it’d show up on my internal, work weblog.

Ideally, that system would be loosely coupled enough — like with web services that could reach behind the firewall — that I wouldn’t have to do lowest-common-denominator security and use whatever blogging software my work used. Instead, I’d use whatever blogging software I wanted, and tell it to contact my work’s intranet “blog-o-box” (how ’bout that phrase?) and post my content, making sure not to tie my weblog’s “life” to my employment at the company. Thus, if I were to stop being employed by the company, the non-work parts of my weblog would still exist, safe and sound.

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  1. I guess this sounds reasonable. It means only blogging to the corporate blog from behind the corporate firewall, correct? Blogging to the corporate blog from outside the firewall could be a security problem. Accidently firing off a corporate blog to the world might be a problem as well. Maybe it is best to have separate venues for each, just to remind yourself to put your corporate droid hat on before firing off a blog entry.baus

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