In my continuing efforts to goof off all weekend, I setup a account. I have figured out how to make my profile public (or if it’s even possible), and there doesn’t seem to be any RSS feeds for anything. The system itself seems pretty neat, primarily because people put in a lot of content — resumes pretty much — and lots of their friends/contacts tend to comment on them.

I found an old boss-of-a-boss type who’d recently changed jobs, and I found a few co-workers in there. They all put in lots of info about themselves that you’d otherwise never be able to find. So, it has plenty of interesting content, but it seems like too closed of a system, meaning I won’t be able to link it up with the rest of my on-line life, ironically enough. You can’t even put in a picture!

I’m sure it’ll be like my forays into things like — interesting for a week and then I’ll never touch it again — but if you’re in there, or otherwise want to get “linkedin” with me, send me an email or write a comment. It’s always interesting to scope out another feature-set, if anything else.