Malcolm Gladwell's Blink Shipping

Just in case you didn’t know, Blink is shipping now. I ordered up my copy this morning.

My reading habits is to read about 10 books at once, with about 6-8 of those taking a long, long time to read, and 2-4 of those being “rapid turnover” books that I finish in a couple days. I’ve only recently gotten to feel good with stopping reading a book to add another one to that pile, so the turn-over’s been improving recently.

…anyhow, enough about my reading habits. I’m hoping Blink will be one of the books I read quick.

I’m also a little worried that the book will just be a longer version of his Pop!Tech talk, but, what the hell, that’d probably be good too.

Usually, when I like a book, I like to read a whole cluster of similar books. With that in mind — and to get FREE Super! Shipping! on Amazon — I ordered his first book, The Tipping Point and Crossing the Chasm. I’m a few years behind in my biz-book of the moment reading.