Converted RSS Feed

My feed seems to be behaving correctly (not putting in repeat posts), at least in bloglines for the past month or so. So, I’ve converted my old RSS feed over to the new one, I setup a redirect, so you shouldn’t need to change any of your subscriptions: you can still use the old URL.

I like the Feedburner feed better because it splices together this weblog, my bookmarks, and my photos. Recently, I’ve been using the bookmarks as a sort of link blog: it’s easier to post quick links with rather than Consequently, I don’t post on this weblog as much as I used to. So, with the spliced feed, I’d hope, you can get more frequent content from me.

I also like the Feedburner feed because it has quick and easy stats reporting like the below (click to enlarge): Stats Screenshot

As you can see, it’s smart enough to figure out that the one request from bloglines represents 57 readers. It also tracks click throughs (when people click from their aggregater to go to the actual website). Since I publish full posts in my feed, this stat isn’t too interesting: I don’t think most people click through, I know I don’t.

If you have any problems, just leave a comment below and we’ll figure something out.