Re: Book Idea: XmlHttpRequest Enabled Web Pages, or, Pull Web Pages

Steve O’Grady expands on his XmlHttpRequest bookmarks, responding to
one of my posts from this weekend

The opportunity? Well, again, there are many, but if I was an XML datastore provider like iPedo, Sleepycat, Software AG, or soon, IBM, I’d be looking for iTunes-like sexy opportunities out there to get developers excited.

What’s most interesting to me? The cross-platform nature of the technique. IE has XMLHTTPRequest – and indeed pioneered it – but so do Firefox and Safari. This means that any solution provider who elects to can support virtually anyone on any platform. I think Coté’s right – there is a book in here somewhere, though not for me.

Also, it’s cool that Steve noticed the post, and kept the idea-thread going from his bookmarks, to

my post
, and now to his. I know that’s how this crazy weblog/RSS/social software stuff is supposed to work, but it’s rare, for me, to see it happen.

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  1. ya scooped me, what can i tell you? :) no, in all seriousness, this is the type of interchange and informal exchange of ideas that would have been nearly impossible pre-blogs and social-bookmarking. cool stuff. – sog

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