Back to Work, USB Lamp

The old 2+ week vacation is over as of tomorrow morning. I’ll be back on vacation in a couple weeks, for the entire week after Christmas.

My internal clock is still on “stay up ’till 3AM” mode, so I’ll just have to go through the slight pain of vacation-lag and suck it up tomorrow on a few hours sleep.

In the meantime, I’m getting some good use out of a new gizmo, a USB light:

With USB Light
With USB Light in the dark

My “office,” as it were, is pretty much the bed. Being the mind-insomniac I am (on more nights that not I can’t keep my mind from running in idle about this and that), I’m often in the “office” several hours after Kim‘s gone to bed, in the dark. So, I thought it’d be helpful to get a little lamp.

Kim gave me a kind of “is that really useful?” look when I bought it last night…and she’s pretty much right: the screen from the laptop provides just enough light to see the keyboard when I need to hunt for some weird character, like some function F9, or F6 to turn Num Lock off after Yertle walks over, or just sits on, the keyboard for the 500th time. On the other hand, it is pretty cool to have a little lamp. I used it last night when I was reading
Generation Kill
, and it worked out pretty well.

Aside from being a solution to a small problem, the USB lamp suffers from the same problem as many USB devices, and the power cord, on the laptop: the ports are all on the left side of the laptop, so the USB connections stick out, making it hard to rest the laptop in your, uh, lap. Man, am I beset with problems in this life, or what?

Here’s some Amazon Review Poetry (as always, unintentional, I’m sure) about the USB light model I have:

I like it very much. It is very good to work in bed, not to disturb my wife while she is sleeping. It works using the USB port from Toshiba notebook. I recommend

Indeed. It is very good. I say STRONG BUY for the USB Light due to increasing size of “not to disturb my wife while she is sleeping” market.