Up in Ft. Worth, Some IT Conversations

El Pez Diablo

I’m up Ft. Worth for the end of my vacation, visiting my mother. They have wireless up here, and a big soft chair, so I’m sitting in their spacious living room on the computer while my mother grades papers.

I listened to a couple of BloggerCon III recordings on the way up:

  • Overloaded, where Scoble mans a group-talk about reading and coping with all the information. The whole time the question I had was “why do we read all this stuff?” It’s a question I struggle with when I’m up at 3AM in the morning feeling like I need to read just one more article, weblog post, or chapter in a book. Scoble’s answer was good: he sends links out to people in Microsoft (where he works) about relevant things. And, of course, he seemed to just like being up on everything. I have to say, I don’t have that productive of an answer ;>

    You can also hear Dave totally lose it and be an ass about controlling the conversation, trying to cut off a guy from talking about a product he works on.

  • Election 2004, where Ed Cone talks about the role of blogs in the last election cycle. It’s interesting to hear some of the background, and the ever present truth that email is king when it comes to this stuff. There was a little talk about how the Republican party is very hierarchically structured, top-down, and, because of that, well run and effective. In contrast, the Democrats are very decentralized. I think that idea’s been kicked around a lot recently. It’d be interesting to see more discussion on it: if it’s right, wrong, or what.

    I wanted to hear more Bush people talk: it seems like most of the folks were left-wingers. The winners rarely talk about how they won though, it’s usually the losers who talk the most.