Thomas Barnett's Globalization Talk

The Nov. 5th Gillmor Gang reminded me about Thomas Barnett’s presentation about world strategy, globalization, and a realist view of “how it is” on ITConversations (from Pop!Tech). Most of you will really like it, esp. the
Commanding Heights set. It’s good stuff, and there’s a whole slew of more content on Barnett’s site.

As Udell smartly points out in the Gillmor gang, there’s a whole lot of IT-lingo in it, but it’s not really about IT at all. Listening to the summarized version of it again, it’s also weird how cyberpunk-world it sounds: I guess globalization and rapid technology adoption is one of the core pillars of cyberpunk.

Anyhow, Barnett’s talk is damn good, and funny as hell. You outta listen to it.

And, once again, as if to proove weblogs and RSS have taken hold, he has a weblog and a feed. BUUHH-DAAOOW!