"Get familiar with Cannibalism"

I got the newest Hunter Thompson book in the mail the other day, and I’ve been reading it with great pleasure. As Matt said when he looked at the fote on the back cover, “still trying to look cool.” Yup, shore ’nuff.

It’s just his columns from ESPN.com’s Page 2. For whatever reason, I haven’t been reading them over the years despite being a complete HST-nut.
I’m something of a web-content snob, and I could never get into that clunky layout ESPN.com has.

But, Jesus, as if to prove that RSS has taken over the world, HST’s column has an RSS feed. I recall an interview from the mid-90’s where HST said the internet/web was untrust-worthy, because you never really knew who the author was. True indeed. Just like them fancy newsprint things, not to get all
Berkeley mindfuck on you

Anyhow, here’s the last section of a column on the 2000 election re-count that had me thinking, “ahh, good old Thompson. Yuh!”:

There is a Presidential Election, right on schedule, but somehow there is no President. A new Congress is elected, like always, but somehow there is no real Congress at all — not as we knew it, anyway, and whatever passes for Congress will be as helpless and weak as Whoever has to pass for the “New President.”

If this were the world of sports, it would be like playing a Super Bowl that goes into 19 scoreless Overtimes and never actually Ends. … or four L.A. Lakers stars being murdered in different places on the same day. Guaranteed Fear and Loathing. Abandon all hope. Prepare for the Weirdness. Get familiar with Cannibalism.

And, of course, the book has the column from which one of the blog-epigraphs comes from:

The rest of the year will
be marked by three distinct
trends — or Drifts, or
Developments, Plagues, Fads,
Fashions & certainly inescapable
These will be the Primary
Drive — energies behind
everything else that happens in 2001.

I’m still eagerly awaiting books of letters from the 80’s and 90’s, but, what the hell (as Thompson so often says), this is good stuff for now.

(I realize those quotes are at the bottom of the weblog, and thus, not technically epigraphs, but I couldn’t figure out what the word for quotes, etc. at the end are.)