My Dog Loves Cat Food

The criminal. Auggie “Fatty” Skotak-Coté, aka “Good Girl,” aka “Pretty Girl,” aka “Bad Girl,” aka “Lady”…but mostly, “Fatty”:

Auggie the Chain Breaker

The crime. One bent hook:

The Streached Hook

One undone door-chain:

The Door Chain

The result: Fatty gets into office and eats cat food.

We’re gonna need some steel hooks to keep Fatty out of the office, and the cat’s food..

3 Replies to “My Dog Loves Cat Food”

  1. Our dog Coco (about the size of Fatty’s left paw) is also a cat-food fiend. Cat food has a lot more fat than dog food, which is why they love it so. We finally had to put Roosevelt’s food up higher than Coco could reach. Perhaps a very high shelf and an acrobatic kitty?


  2. My rather obese German Shepherd (aka “Hog Dog”) used to eat my Mom’s cats’ very expensive food every time that I took him out to her place.

    Then he ate the cat turds outta the litter box.

    Classy animals, dogs.


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