Blogs Strike Again

“What’s fascinating about the Jon Stewart takedown of ‘Crossfire’ is not just what he said, but how his message got distributed,” Jarvis wrote. “The really stupid thing is that CNN didn’t do this themselves: ‘Hey, we had a red-hot segment…you should watch; here, please, look at this free download because it will promote our (hosts) and our brand and our show and give us a little of that Stewart hip heat.’ That’s what CNN should have done. Instead, they’ll charge you to deliver a videotape (what’s that?) the next day.”

“Jon Stewart ‘Crossfire’ feud ignites Net frenzy”

2 replies on “Blogs Strike Again”

  1. Why does anyone care about this? It’s Stewart being your typical liberal intellectual rallying against the system. Like that peasant in The Search for the Holy Grail that.”Help Help I’m Being Repressed!”

  2. For me, the content isn’t the main dish in this whole story. It’s just an extremely good dessert.The main course, then, is the fact that the show got higher ratings through weblog/’net viewing than by the actual show itself. And, that CNN, like most every other trad’l business, still doesn’t know (or, at least, doesn’t) how to engage and make money from that market.

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