The "iPod Platform" to reach 8 million units

That’s what The Register says. That doesn’t include the non-iPod mp3 players.

In related news, “[m]ore than half” of IT Manager surveyed by Veritas are afraid of storage risks “from man-made disasters and internal risks such as employee misbehaviour”…like hooking up that 40 gig hard drive in your pocket, and walking out the door with all the company’s IP a few minutes later.

In still more storage-related news, Wal-Mart is up to “more than one-half a petabyte” of data,” and they manage it with “fewer than 5” DBAs. Also:

“Our system is nearly 100 percent linear-scalable. It’s designed to scale without the management restrictions of other databases.”

How so? “Every time we add a node, we add an equal amount of bandwidth,” he said. “Every time we add a component of processing power, we add another component of bandwidth. We just grow the highway. Every time they grow in DASD [direct-access storage device], we add I/O bandwidth.”