WHA-BAAM! Podcasting!

After listening to the latest Gillmor Gang, where all of the panelist either had a rabid enthusiasm for podcasting, or ended up saying, “damn, I need to start doing that,” it seems safe to predict that they’ll be a whole lot more audio blogging/”talk MP3’s” (like talk radio, but distributed as MP3/AAC’s…with no commercials) or, ipodding as people like to call is now.

As ya’ll know from past posts, I listen to the interviews, panels, and shows on IT Conversations a lot. It’ll be great to get more content like that.

In trying to get more content, I’ve tried listening to Adam Curry and the other guy, and that show they do together; but I don’t really like the informalness of their stuff. I’m not saying they’re terrible, I’m saying it’s not “my bag” when it comes to stuff to listen to. I was never a big fan of other “informal” talk radio like Howard Stern, so I guess it’s little wonder.

The best source of more IT Conversations-like audio has been the “Other IT/Geek Audio” sidebar on that site.