New Gmail Features

I just noticed there’s (at least two) new GMail features:

  • Extended contact info: now you can enter in phone numbers, addresses, etc. This is the one thing I’ve been waiting for until I chop off my Yahoo! Mail account. The next big thing would be making it easily syncable with my PowerBook and, thus, my iPod.
  • Some sort of ATOM feed. I’m not familiar enough with the ATOM spec, but there must be some sort of authentication…or hell, maybe not and it’s all in plain text. Update: I tried accessing the feed after signing out of GMail, and it didn’t work. So, there must be some authentication scheme, I guess in ATOM.
  • Forwarding: you can forward your email to another email account, keeping a copy in GMail, or deleting it. So, you could use your 1 gig GMail account as an archiver,
    and then forward along to a different email account, e.g., so you could use a thick client. This fits well with how several people I know use GMail: they still use a clinet, like Bloomba, but they forward mail to GMail to archive it.

The new features section is yet to be updated except to note that there’s new features coming Oct 1st.

Also, it doesn’t look like everyone has these new features. Our man JP doesn’t see them in his account.