Big Time Blogging

an article from Business 2.0

In theory, at least, blogs are a marketer’s dream. That’s because — unlike burning through millions of dollars on TV or print advertising campaigns — they are a virtually cost-free way to communicate with customers. And not just any customers. These are self-selected hard-core fans of a particular trend, hobby, idea, or product. “Bloggers are an incredibly influential consumer segment,” says Technorati CEO David Sifry. “These people are huge networkers. They get the word out quickly on products they like — and don’t like.”…The chief blog marketing goal, then: Create a community of knowledgeable insiders. “Done right, consumers will do all the marketing for the company — forwarding the information they found to their friend and encouraging others to visit,” says Lydia Snape, Internet services director for New York agency Renegade Marketing.

And then this note about Schwartz’s weblog:

Sun COO Jonathan’s Schwartz’s take no-prisoners style of blogging has apparently pushed Hewlett-Packard execs past their boiling points. According to a report on, HP has written a letter to Sun demanding that Schwartz remove HP from the target list of his sharp-tounged Web log commentaries.