Pulling Up Information

You know, I don?t see that many of them, but based on this conversation Hugh, I will see more of them (laugh). I think, you know, when you get to the four-star level, you fight to get information from the troops and you don?t want to be a victim of just getting fed what the staff brings you every day. The way you work that is through the internet as you just mentioned or you visit places. You go to Iraq, you go to Afghanistan and you try and get down to the individual soldier, airmen, sailor, Marine level, coastguardsmen duty, civilian and look them in the eye and say, ?How?s it going?? and establish enough rapport that they?ll tell you, and at my level it?s a constant fight to make sure that you get the straight skinny. I think it?s a good idea that I plug into some of those too in my spare time.
General Myers about military blogs

I think it was in The Agenda where someone told Clinton, once he’d been elected, “be careful when you’re in the Whitehouse, no one will tell you the truth, just what you want to hear.” Indeed.

Also, on the bid’ness side, as Jeff Nolan (where I found the link) put it:

“In the private sector it’s only a matter of time before CEO’s, at least the better ones, start figuring out that the best way to get the straight scoop on a topic is to drill down to the field by reading the blogs that exist within the company.”

He then seems to fish a tad for enterprise, secured versions of Technorati or Feedster, with a hefty dash of bid’ness intellegence built in to them.