Let Down by iTunes

Just like this guy I was let down by iTunes tonight. We bought some songs from the iTunes store the other night, and tonight we bought a cheap (cheaper than the price shown on
the page
) MP3 player.

I was worried that Apple’s file format wouldn’t work on just any old MP3 player but I (naively) thought, “I don’t know…Apple’s impressed me so far with their software…surely they’ll make it easy for me, and say screw it to the RIAA…”

Oh, but wait, millions of dollars and massive FUD are involved…”do what would be best for me”? No, of course not!

So, I can’t just plug in the cheap MP3 player and drag a playlist to from iTunes to it. Oh no, I’d probably have to spend at least $200, if not more for the pleasure of that.

Stupid Apple. In The Coté Consumer Respectdex,” Apple inched down today from “strong buy” to “reluctant purchase.”

The computer and recording industry need to figure this shit out. I told Kim about all this special file format bullshit, and her answer was elegant in it’s shortness, “What the fuck? We paid for those songs! Macs suck!”

So, my advice: stick to CD’s, they’ll work with the cheap MP3 players without a bunch of horse-shit.