Bad Bosses, Grocery Tech, Software is Like…

  • FC on Bad Bosses
    , see the survey mentioned too. Interestingly, the Sep. issue of Business 2.0 has an article about making managers into leaders, via the JetBlue CEO. Essentially, it says that without leadership training, they found that folks promoted to management would start doing all of the “jerk boss” things, esp. playing favorites and creating/maintaining their own sphere of influence. It was just a half page article, but the sum-up seemed to be “don’t be selfish.”
  • Super Market Tech – broad overview of technology in the grocery store. Again, see the Sep. Business 2.0 for a related story on the failure of Target’s smart-card stuff. (Via FC Blog.)
  • Software is Like Cars – “[Two different cars] do EXACTLY the same thing – and probably have the same if not very similar specifications, but their shape, and their position in the engine cavity, and the size of the belt, etc. are different enough to require customization.”