Open Source Lock in, Cyanea, Apple & Hacking, RedHat App Server

“Open source about vendor choice?” – if open source is all about being able to switch, why does RedHat have such a hold? Companies would rather pay a vendor than research and test out all the options? Is it the “one neck to squeeze” thing?

IBM buys Cyanea
– “James Chong, Cyanea’s president and CEO, will head an effort within IBM to consolidate different application management tools, IBM said. Financial terms were not disclosed.”

‘Stunned’ Apple rails against Real’s iPod move

In a terse statement, a “stunned” Apple accused RealNetworks of adopting the “tactics and ethics of a hacker” with the release of its Harmony software. Harmony allows songs sold via RealNetworks’ online store to be played on a variety of portable devices, including Apple’s iPod and Microsoft-compatible rivals.

What’s funny here, of course, is that people like Steve Wozniak where hackers, and go to great lengths to glorify the word “hacker” to stop it from being used in the above sense.

RedHat Java App Server – “The software is based on JOnAS (Java Open Application Server), an open source application server developed by ObjectWeb, a nonprofit middleware consortium in Europe. It incorporates the Apache Software Foundation’s Tomcat Java servlet engine and Struts, a software framework for building Java Web applications, the sources said.”

“Big Pimpin’, Spendin’ the Billions
– “A deficit topping $425 billion would be well above the shortfall of $374 billion in 2003, which was a record.”