Biz Books on the Cheap

Last night Kim and I stopped by the Goodwill on Lamar. They’ve reduced their book section by a row, I think. However, I found some cheap books that’ll be worth reading — or, at least, taking the risk of buying and finding out they’re not worth reading:

  • Permission Marketing
    by Seth Godin. I really like
    Free Prize Inside
    , and though the title sounds a bit boring, I’m thinking Permission Marketing be a good ‘un too. We’ll see.

  • In Search of Excellence
    – even though

    In Search of Stupidity
    totally rips apart this one in the first few pages, the classic Peters book looked interesting after flipping through it. I always like reading about recent business history (like

    The Money Game
    Liar’s Poker
    ), and there seemed to be plenty of that, esp. of old tech companies like Wang, DEC, and the suit-and-tie IBM. I remember my dad had a copy of this from his IBM days: I think I got it at one point, and later sold it to Half-Priced Books ’cause I never got around to reading it. All that Hemingway must have edged it off the reading list back then…or maybe that was when I was
    reading high quality books like

    Mutants Amok