Re: Shilling for the Product

Doc Searls posted a link to my comments about DIY-IT in relation to the product I work on, PATROL Express. Aside from the pleasure of proof that someone actually reads this weblog, it gives me the chance for more shilling.

Another interesting aspect of that co-mingling of the two seemingly polar opposites — DIY-IT and an Enterprise product from a large software vendor — is that we work extremely well as a unifying view of, and response system for, all of an Enterprise’s DIY-IT efforts and systems, as well as the less DIY’ish ones. That is, PATROL Express pulls data from, and reacts to, a very large collection of heterogeneous of different systems management protocol, applications, and devices.

Which is to say, if you’ve been doing a mixture of DIY- and “traditional” IT for awhile, and need, and/or want, that final piece that pulls it all together into one web application, I think PATROL Express does a damn good job.

Like I said, we expend a lot of effort into making sure the product is quick and easy to configure and use, from installation to day-to-day operation. As with DIY-IT, part of this ease comes from the product’s out of the box expandability: when you encounter new applications and devices you want to monitor, it’s easy to upload a file (for example, a MIB for SNMP devices), and within minutes start monitoring it.

Anyhow…pardon all this weblog glad-handing. I just like to get a good word in for the software I work on day-to-day when the chance arises. Why else work on any piece of software if you can’t brag about it from time-to-time ;&gt.