Some Recent Tech News

Just Blame The Ox

Following up on last week’s warning from over 20 software companies that
sales have been down, the new whipping boy of compliance looks like it’s
finally matured:

“I’ve heard through the channel that CFOs are busy doing the testing
and documentation they need in order to bring them into compliance by
the end of the year. So if a sales rep brings them a contract to sign
at the end of a quarter, they are overwhelmed,” Piper Jaffray analyst
David Rudow said.

Software sales slump blamed on paperwork

Action in the Weblog World

bought Oddpost for about $30 million
. What with the Newsgator
being funded, and all the main
stream coverage weblogs have been getting
, you’d have to admit
that weblogs are just about at their zenith, or maybe at it.

IE Losses a Sliver of Marketshare

IE’s share decreased slightly from 95.7 per cent to 94.73
per cent in the month up to 6 July, according to Web metrics firm
Mozilla takes bite out of IE

Wireless LAN Systems Management

“Up until now, wireless management has been an
afterthought. IT needs to put management at the forefront of a
wireless decision,” said Elliot. “WLAN
management vendors bombard IT with solutions”

While this is the typical psuedo-PR from a trade-rag, as I work at
on systems management product, it’s
always interesting when there’s something new to manage.